How To Start A Blog

Starting a blog can be rewarding. It could allow you to make a side income, pick up consulting gigs or connect with like-minded people from around the world.

I have been publishing content online since 2005 (writing HTML code) before we had blogs that make publishing drop dead easy, even if you are not the most technical person around.

Let's take a look at some real people and what they make online with blogs. These results are not typical but possible with focus and hard work.

Making Sense of Cents 

Making Sense of Cents is a personal finance blog that talks about earning more, saving more and living more.

Just A Girl & Her Blog 

As you can see this blogger was able to go from just about nothing to $41k in just over two years.

How To Setup A Blog

Step #1 - Sign up For A Web Host

A web host is simply a server where your blog files are stored so people can view them.  You cannot have a website without a web hosting. There are free web hosts out on the market but the service is terrible.  Paid web hosting is very cheap you can start for under $4 per month. Click the image below for our recommended hosting company:

Step #2 - Purchase a Domain Name

After you purchased your basic hosting package you need a domain name. A domain is what someone types into the browser on a computer or phone browser to visit your blog.  For example the domain of this blog is

The recommended domain provider that I use for all of my blogs is NameCheap.

Step #3 - Follow the instructions at SiteGround to install your WordPress Blog Software (it is drop dead easy). When you sign up for hosting at site ground they will install WordPress for you for free!

Step #4 - Choose a WordPress Theme

A theme is the visual aspects of your site. You can find many free Wordpress themes here, or use a theme such as Genesis from Studio Press

The Top 3 Ways To Grow Your Blog

1) Comment on popular blogs within your niche - Visit the blog where your readers hang out. If you find an article where you can comment and add value to enhance the content in the article, make that post and people will read it and click through to your blog.

2) Guest Post - A guest post is where you reach out to related blogs in your niche and offer them an article to post in exchange for that blogger linking back to your blog. People will read this article and click through to your blog.

3) Find Related Facebook Groups - Find groups related to your topic, interact and help people in the group, occasionally share one of your articles that answers a question someone in the group has.