Hi everyone I hope you are enjoying the blog here at StartLivingWisely.com my goal is to focus the blog content four areas of life that I believe will help enrich your life, make you more financially independent and allow you to avoid living paycheck to paycheck.

The StartLivingWisely.com philosophy isn’t just about becoming a financial success, there is so much more to life than simply becoming rich. I think it is about balance between personal finance success, being healthy and taking time out of your schedule to enjoy life. ┬áBeing financially successful will do nothing for your life without having the other pieces of the puzzle.

About Me

I live and breathe personal finance, my nose is always buried in a book, financial magazine or some companies annual report. I currently have two books available on Amazon.com one details The Debt Free Lifestyle while the other one is geared more towards investing. Outside of that my family is my number one priority, having a four month old baby seems to put everything into perspective.


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